100% LEGAL - Conforms to USGA Rules

Technology you can See & Feel

ProTouch Golf has created a innovative wedge design that will give you the “touch” of a “pro” on all shots around the green.

"Sole Channel Technology is the key!" - Carlyle Potter

The Perfect Sand Wedge
With our patented Sole Channel design, you can now hit green-side bunker shots exactly the same way as you hit a conventional pitch shot:

Square Stance - Square the Face - Ball Position in Middle - Aim at the Pin - Take a 1/2 to 3/4 Swing - Then let the Club Head SLIDE Under the Ball to...

Play your best golf... Period!
The ProTouch Sole Channel design helps create less
resistance through the sand, rough and tight lies.
5% Heavier than traditional wedges
This gives you better feel and momentum when you have to make a half or quarter swing.
Try the wedge completely risk-free
If you aren't playing better golf after 30 days, send the club back and we'll give you a Full Refund.
Conforms to
USGA Rules
The patented sole channel design on ProTouch Wedges
is legal for play in all sanctioned PGA events.
Reduced Resistance at Impact

(RRI) means that the ball remains on the face longer, as the club slides under the ball, making "touch" shots much easier.

Infinity Bounce

The club head sole/bounce will adapt and adjust to all kinds of different conditions (from fluffy sand to wet sand, even dirt).

Guide Rails

Helps keep the club head on the correct swing path.

More Confidence

Now you WILL BELIEVE you can execute all the difficult "touch" shots around the green.

Reviews & Testimonials
Michael P Smith | PGA Top 100 Teaching Pro
I highly recommend these clubs. The Sole Channel Technology is going to change the way golf is played. Now golfers can hit bunker shots without over-thinking about it. Take a square stance and square face, and then hit it like every other pitch shot.
Brad Sutterfield | Former PGA Tour Pro
These ProTouch wedges will give you more confidence in the sand, the rough, and from any difficult lie. That’s really important for all golfers at all skill levels. Not a traditional look, but the Sole Channels sure help out of the rough… with lots of spin.
Will B (45) | Handicap 14
The consistency out of the rough is fantastic. With ProTouch (Sole Channels) I am able to gage the rollout better because I can get enough spin on the ball. No one ever practices out of the rough, so this club really simplified my game.
Doug H (68) | Handicap 18
I have been playing with the ProTouch wedge for a few months now and it is amazing. I adjusted my swing a bit and have seen a really big improvement in my ability to lift the ball from both the sand and deep grass. I love this wedge!

50 Beta Testers Can't Be Wrong!

No More Guessing
The most dreaded shot in golf... is no longer a problem.
ProTouch Golf Wedges
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