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I highly recommend these clubs. The Sole Channel Technology is going to change the way golf is played. Now golfers can hit bunker shots without over-thinking about it.  Take a square stance and square face, and then hit it like every other pitch shot. 

Michael P Smith | PGA Top 100 Teaching Pro

These ProTouch wedges will give you more confidence in the sand, the rough, and from any difficult lie.  That’s really important for all golfers at all skill levels.  Not a traditional look, but the Sole Channels sure help out of the rough… with lots of spin.

Brad Sutterfield | Former PGA Tour Pro

The consistency out of the rough is fantastic.  With ProTouch (Sole Channels) I am able to gage the rollout better because I can get enough spin on the ball.  No one ever practices out of the rough, so this club really simplified my game.

Will B (45) | Handicap 14

All I can say is that the ProTouch Sand Wedge pops the ball right out of the sand trap and on to the green by just taking a "normal" swing. It really is pretty simple!

Carole H (63) | Handicap 17

I love how the ProTouch wedge cuts through the deep rough because of the grooved sole.  It simply makes it easier to get out of trouble.  It also simplified and normalizes bunker play, especially in a part of the game I don’t have as much time to practice.

Adam M (51) | Handicap 15

My regular four-some members all purchased a ProTouch wedge when I started beating them regularly.  I didn't do anything different, I just use my new secret weapon when I don't hit the green on my approach.  I love these clubs.

Joseph S (65) | Handicap18

I love my ProTouch Sand Wedge.  I use it all around the green and especially love it in the bunkers.  It simplifies the game and produces great results.  My handicap is definitely improving, largely due to this club.  FIVE STARS

Greg L (70) | Handicap 20

As a golfer who plays 3 or 4 times a year, I really appreciate the ProTouch wedge because it allows me to get out of the bunker by swinging the exact same way as all other pitch shots.  I really don’t have time to practice sand shots, so this is a great help to me.

Brad C (59) | Handicap 24

I like the extra weight (5% more), and I like the feeling of control at impact through the sand.  The mental confidence conveyed, inherent in the technology, is very real. Now I use the ProTouch wedges for ALL shots within 50 yards of the pin.  I definitely get better results from these clubs than other wedges I’ve tried.

Ron W (57) | Handicap 10

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Conforms to USGA RULES

The patented sole design on the ProTouch Wedge is legal for play in all sanctioned PGA events. It has four channels or grooves running perpendicular to the leading edge through the back of the bounce.

The Sole Channels Do 4 Things:

1) Reduced Resistance at Impact (RRI) means that the ball remains on the face longer, as the club slides under the ball, making "touch" shots much easier

2) Infinity Bounce means the clubhead sole/bounce will adapt and adjust to all kinds of different conditions (from fluffy sand to wet sand, even in hard dirt)

3) Guide Rails help keep the club head on the correct swing path 

4) Normal Swing: Because the Sole Channels slide under the ball, you can now take a "conventional" pitch shot swing, i.e. square face and square stance

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In 2021 ProTouch Golf Wedges conducted a BETA TEST, where over 50 golfers shared their thoughts on Sole Channel Technology.

50 out of 50 Golfers Approve the NEW ProTouch Sand Wedge Design.

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